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We’re bridging the gap between end-users and internal legal teams
by decentralizing the routine contracting function.

In a nutshell – Zeal is about giving contract administrators the ability to define how they want agreements negotiated
and having an automated contract management tool create the desired state and enforce policies.

Intent-Based Contracting ©

Legal defines the desired parameters for specific contract-negotiated ranges while Zeal’s orchestrated platform implements those policies.

AI and Machine Learning

Zeal uses AI to automate the handling, processing and negotiating of simple agreements to make negotiators' and clients' lives easier.

Automate Workflows

Zeal’s adaptive technology learns over time to reduce repetitive and redundant workflows by analyzing behavioral data and user input.

Enterprise Contract Automation

Integrated with SalesForce, easy to deploy.

Easy to setup - Easy to use

Zeal can be deployed independently or integrated into existing CRM tools. Our quick deploy tool is integrated with SalesForce to scale as your business needs grow.

Generate Documents

Configure templates, merge information and launch document workflows for your team or delegate the work to others.

Organize and Search

Centralized document management allows for easy indexing and classification, custom filing parameters and meta data search.