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Contracting Today:
1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

We build software to help clients standardize and automate redundant work associated with routine agreements so they can get back to the work they enjoy.
  • The Why
  • What Excites Us
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The Why

As a group of management consultants, software engineers and attorneys, the only thing we could all agree on was that contracting should be way easier. Too much of our time was spent on re-reading or re-writing parts of agreements that we’ve seen a thousand times. The consultants wanted the contracting process to be faster, the attorneys were sick of negotiating NDA's and the engineers kept saying that contracts and code were analogous. So we did what felt right - we built software to automate the contract work we found routine and now we feel much better.

What Excites Us

We truly believe that our industry is moving toward developing a universal language between companies. The combination of modern advancements in commercially available AI and the push to standardize routine agreements within industry verticals, means we’re on the edge of the next big legal innovation – smart, intent based contracting.

Our Team DNA

We are a team of software engineers, attorneys and management consultants. We started our careers at companies like HP, Deloitte and Google. More recently, our founders come from the world's largest provider of legal services, where they helped leading companies improve business processes specific to contracting, HR and procurement. We love coding, board games, dogs and solving complex problems for our clients.