Dashboard controls that keep you on top of all contract progress and operations

It starts with a mile-high view of your legal landscape with access to jump into the weeds quickly.

Template creation, Analytics and Workflow modeling help optimize for speed and accuracy

In the commercial world, speed matters. We’re helping teams across companies to establish a common language through standardization, pre-approved workflows and shared analytics to prove we’re on the right track while helping teams to continuously optimize.

Contract Management across multiple workspaces for large and small teams

Contract management is a team sport. We’re helping to turn end-users into contract administrators to alleviate the burden on legal. We help internal legal teams get back to higher value work while allowing sales to shorten contracting cycle times.

We obsess over security - Zeal provides protection that safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of our customer’s data

At Zeal, we employ state-of-the-art secure system architecture, classify data and information systems while constantly monitoring for intrusions.